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Currently valuation services are essential for companies and organizations working practically in all business fields. Valuation services help to make right decisions that allow saving and multiplying of financial wealth of business activity subjects.

Valuation services are activities of appraisers and valuation subjects which are aimed at organizational, methodical and practical execution of property valuation, review and writing of conclusion about property value. Valuation services are provided by Consulting Center in following forms:

  • Practical property valuation: practical carrying out of property valuation and all related procedures.
  • Consulting activities: oral and written consultations on property valuation.
  • Review of property valuation reports: critical review and conclusions about completeness and correctness of valuation documents.
  • Methodical support of property valuation: development of methodical documents on property valuation, advices and explanations about their proper usage.
  • Training of appraisers: professional training of young and experienced appraisers.

Out activity is licensed by following documents:

  • Valuation subject certificate
  • Appraisers’ qualifying certificates in valuation of material objects and whole property complexes
  • Certificate of enlistment in state appraisers register
  • Appraisers’ qualifying certificates in peer monetary review of land

Services cost does not depend on the price of object being valuated. The cost of a valuation project is based on required working hours.

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